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Jan 26, 2013 7:30pm PST
that going maybe we will have a real chance with this. being around a lot of nra people is fascinating but yeah it's that's about it ladies and gentlemen. thanks for asking. i am actually going back next week monday and tuesday. this is part of the faith base team that will work with a lot of ministers who are dealing with the white house but i will be back wednesday night for the meeting but we will see what happens. thanks for asking. >> thank you dr. marshall. commissioner kingsley. >> we applaud your fine work dr. marshall and amen to everything that you said. as a seg way the commonwealth club of san francisco had a program this week on gun control issues in the state of california and san francisco, and our own -- our sergeant kelly john was there as a member of sfpd, and it was good to have somebody from law enforcement on that panel, and she did a terrific job. i also this month finished on behalf of the commission review offing our report. i wanted to let you know that and this is my third month so i don't know whether we're rotating quarterly or whether it's longe
Jan 14, 2013 7:30am PST
aren't going to make a difference. this is absolutely making a difference. and i would say to the nra or anybody that says, hey, this isn't the problem, if it's not the problem, it will make a difference, it should make a difference banning them. let's err on the side of caution, keep the kids safe. thank you. >> let me also echo again my appreciation for commissioner dr. joe marshall because omega boys club has been a great partner. they are part of our effort to organize commutes, to intervene as early as we can, and i totally agree with the chief that these particular guns, if you look at them up front and close, you'll see they really shouldn't be in anybody's homes. they're designed to kill folks. many of them military style. i think to bring home the real story here is dr. andrei campbell of our san francisco general hospital, and also on staff at ucsf. he is at the forefront of world class trauma center that we have. and if you go day to day, and certainly with the 67 homicides that we have with the numbers of bodies that were showing up and people have shown up, many of which
Jan 31, 2013 9:00am PST
taking on members of the nra and quite frankly, several appellant court justices were impressed with the chief's knowledge of the law so he did a great job. dr. marshall and kingsley participated and i think that we had a lot of impact on the attorneys in that room. >> it was good. >> very good. >> that is my report. commissioners? >> loftus? >> quickly i wanted to say that one of the things that we get to do on the police commission is i think attending this graduation was the first time that i was there and i just want to say to the members of the public and i want to ask the chief if you could share with my fellow commissioners the speech that you gave, i feel that some that have been on the commission for a long time, the things that you care the most deeply about he cheerly does too and told the officers that is what they need to care about and it was all about you are an example to young people and they are always watching you and you are there to do the right thing. i mean it was inspirational quotes but mostly was having the chief of police share what you value and what our s
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)